New album - Red Fish Blue, The Sword And The Brush

Keynetic Records

Keynetic Records is an independent label founded by Sam Keevers for the purpose of releasing his own recordings and to release albums by other like-minded artists in the future.

“Let the Light in” a duo with vocalist Gary Pinto, recorded live at Bennetts Lane in Melbourne in March 2010 is the debut release of the label. The follow-up album by Sam Keevers “Love and Numbers” featuring such artists as Gian Slater, Gary Pinto, Leigh Carraige, Simon Barker, Brett Hirst, Stephen Magnusson, Christopher Hale, Ben Hauptman, Jamie Oehlers and Javier Fredes is in pre-production at present with plans to record and release in 2011.

Two more albums are on the horizon for Keynetic Records after “Love and Numbers”, a solo piano recording by Sam and a trio album featuring Christopher Hale on bass and Javier Fredes on percussion performing the music of Archie Roach.

For more information contact us via the contact page.


Recording Session for Katie Noonan